Monday, October 15, 2012

The Paranormal vs Bunny Rabbits

Well, the hubby officially thinks I'm a freak. The neighbor's rabbit got out of their yard and hid underneath my car. I was all set to just leave him there, but nope, the hubby wanted to get him out. He asked for my help, and I was willing to do it to an extent. I stood on one side of my car to help block the rabbit, while he tried to scare it out of the other side. What happens then? It gets out where neither of us are looking. Then, knowing that I'm terrified of only two things, he tells me, "The rabbit is sitting right next to you." So of course I jump and scream a little and try to shake it off. He swears that I have to be the only person who'd deathly afraid of bunny rabbits and butterflies, and he doesn't understand how this could be when I can watch scary movies for days and not blink. I guess I am a freak!

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