Friday, November 16, 2012

An Angel and some Baby Names

Well, the other day the Marine and I were at our first appointment at the NIH, and the lady was asking about baby names. I of course told her my two names (to be mentioned much later). It seems like the Marine is totally onboard with the girl name, but not so much with the boy name I'd picked. I absolutely adore every name I'd picked. I think we spent most of the day arguing about it, but it was so much fun, and so sweet to even think about it again. But, on another note, we headed to Tyson's Mall after our appointment with the high risk OBGYN today. We went into the Christmas store and bought a few ornaments. We got one for each of us, we picked one up for the dogs, and we picked one up for our little Angel in heaven, Audrey. It's been three years since we lost her, and this is the first time we're actually doing something in her honor. It's not that we haven't wanted to before, but it's been so hard. We love her and we miss her all the time. It hit us both really hard, but at the same time, she had a reason for coming into our lives when she did. It's just really sad that she's not still here. She's our angel. R.I.P. baby girl. We love you.

So, I'm a National Case Study....

With everything that's been going on with my body, my doctor at the Naval Hospital decided to send me to the NIH to see if there's any experimental thing that they think would help me out. So far, I'm just in the blood work phase, but when we move past it, they're going to start studying me. Just a recap: From 1999 until 2011, I've had about 15 miscarriages. Yep. 15. The Marine and I have decided to try an IUI cycle, but we're in disagreement as to WHEN we should do it. I want to do it in the next month or two. He wants to wait until the spring. He only wants to wait because he's terrified that I'll get sick and lose another baby. I can't say that I blame him. I'm afraid too, but I figure we'll give it a try now, and if it doesn't work, we'll continue with our plans for next summer. Here's to hoping............

Saturday, November 10, 2012

It Hurts Like Hell!!

I had a tooth pulled on Wednesday and it hurts like hell. I swear, next time I need an extraction, I'm going to one of those dentists that knock you out first! This lady didn't numb me enough before she started drilling and tugging. Then, she couldn't get it out so she kept pausing to take x-rays. It was so frustrating. Then she finally numbed me too much and my whole face was swollen, not to mention the intense headache I got on my right side from being filled with too much liquid. My ear is still draining and three days later it still hurts like hell! On a better note: The Marine's been taking care of me. He finds it weird that he'll walk into a room and find me in different positions and sometimes laid out on the floor in nothing but underwear and a heating pad on my face. Still, he'll set out dinner, open my pain meds, and make sure I'm not dead before returning to his corner of the house. It's all very sweet and I love him for it.

Cruise to Nowhere

So, last week the hubby texts me about a $100 cruise to Nowhere leaving out of Baltimore. He gets me all excited about it and so I immediately start looking into it. Of course I'm on the phone with my good friend D.C. when I get the text so I'm telling her about it while I research. Finally, we decide that we want to go, but we want others to go too. So we start texting people while we plan it out. In the end, it's me, the Marine, D.C. and her hubby C.C., and my sister M.G. and her on again off again boyfriend L.H and his daughter, little L.H. Everything started off all well and good. We packed and picked up our friends and headed for the ship on Friday afternoon. We get there, check in, and head to our rooms. Everything's still all well and good until we decide that we're hungry and head up to the Lido deck for lunch. All hell breaks loose, and so does my tooth! As soon as I bite into my hotdog, I'm fighting back the tears. Luckily, we're still in port and my sister is way behind, so I text her and ask her to bring some pain meds when she comes. And..... SHE DOES! M.G. comes aboard with a big magic bottle of Aleive and it helps so much along with the hot tea and hot chocolate. So, thanks to her, I'm not completely miserable on this weekend cruise. We have fun though. We drink, we gamble, and some of us have dinner together in different intervals. The Marine and L.H. spent an afternoon in the sports bar drinking and watching the game, and then D.C. begged him to take her hubby up there so that she can have a few minutes alone. Later on, me and M.G. were hanging out talking on the Lido deck where we met up with D.C and C.C. and we sat and talked for hours about life and family and our plans for the holidays. It was really fun, but I wish we had more time to sit back and enjoy it. I mean, the service was horrible and I let Carnival know that I didn't appreciate it, but hanging out with friends and family is always great!