Friday, May 10, 2013

May 30th = The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Well, I've decided to do weightloss surgery and the process has been a bitch! LoL! I can't lie! I picked a date, filled out the paperwork, and did everything I was supposed to, then.... Tricare denied it! Apparently, I can't get the gastric sleeve because they don't cover that. Plus, there was a mini crisis with my heart and my thyroid. Went to the caridologist and everything turned out to be fine. I had a heart scan, an echo-something, and it was really cool to look at. Everything looked good, so when I went in for my appointment today, I signed the paperwork, and scheduled a preop appointment to check into the hospital for my surgery. The doctor told me that since I'm not as overly heavy as most of his patients, he expects me to be at my new goal weight by the end of the year. Here's to new jeans, sexy dresses, and hot lingerie with beautiful stilettos! I'll be starting our life in Hawaii on an excellent note!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Something To Do

I need something to do. The hubby and I are planning to fill our May with loads of fun before he leaves for more training with the Marine Corps and I get my surgery. Last night, we were checking out Kings Dominion. We did Busch Gardens a few years ago, so Kings Dominion is our choice for a day of fun. We also want to go up to Niagara Falls for a weekend while we're close enough to enjoy it. Either way, we want to get out and do a little traveling before we get too busy again. We love to travel, and hopefully next year we have a couple of kids to bring along with us. In 2015, we're planning a big 3 week trip to Europe, if we can still manage to get there for free. We love to travel. It's our thing. If we go a year without going anywhere, it's only because we're really forced to stay where we're at, or we're moving.

Just Joined Instagram like 5 Minutes Ago!

Instagram Yeah, I'm late, but I just joined Instagram. Still no idea how to work it, and I'm kinda lost on the idea of Twitter as well. So, I'll stick mostly to Facebook for now as I've completely given up on Myspace. So, if the link above works, follow me!