Sunday, May 5, 2013

Something To Do

I need something to do. The hubby and I are planning to fill our May with loads of fun before he leaves for more training with the Marine Corps and I get my surgery. Last night, we were checking out Kings Dominion. We did Busch Gardens a few years ago, so Kings Dominion is our choice for a day of fun. We also want to go up to Niagara Falls for a weekend while we're close enough to enjoy it. Either way, we want to get out and do a little traveling before we get too busy again. We love to travel, and hopefully next year we have a couple of kids to bring along with us. In 2015, we're planning a big 3 week trip to Europe, if we can still manage to get there for free. We love to travel. It's our thing. If we go a year without going anywhere, it's only because we're really forced to stay where we're at, or we're moving.

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