Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Military Lifestyle....

Before I head out for the afternoon, I just wanted to say something about the military lifestyle that only military families seem to understand..... IT'S HARD!!! Deployments, deaths, moving around a lot, trying to find a job, balancing out a marriage and a family when your spouse is off fighting a war.... It's just hard. And all people see from the outside is the glamorous parts: Marine Corps Balls with ball gowns and Dress Blues, homecomings with joyous reunions, high paychecks and big bonuses..... HOLD ON! I know most of you military people are like, "Did she just say high paychecks and big bonuses?".... Yep. I did! For some reason, people (including politicians) seem to think that our military members get paid more than they do. Maybe the politicians think that because they hang around Colin Powell or some shit that every other member makes his kind of money.... Well, Colin Powell will let you know that he didn't get rich in the military. He got rich afterwards. But, I digress..... There is one really big positive that I absolutely LOVE about the military lifestyle, and that's my extended family. I don't have any biological children yet, but I have a beautiful godson, and lots of other kids that call me Aunty besides my own nieces and nephews. I have a lot of surrogate brothers and sisters, and I even have a 2nd hubby! Once you make that connection with someone, they become your family. They understand what you've gone through or what you're going through. They understand the military lifestyle and they bond with you over it. I have such good friends, and I love them all. Each and every one of my friends know about my fertility struggles. It's something that I'm very open about now. And each and every one of them are encouraging me, and listens when I cry or I'm upset. I even have spouses that I haven't even met in person writing me and sending me loving words. I'm hoping that one day we come face to face and I'm able to give them a heartfelt hug. Even though there's some things that really piss me off, and some people in this lifestyle that I just want to kick in the face, I have to thank God for those who are still in my life.... And I hope to see all of them (and I do mean EVERYBODY) at my anniversary party in 2015!

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