Friday, March 8, 2013

Just amazing!

I have to admit that I'm still just amazed at the response we've gotten from family and friends when we announced that we were adopting. We have one group who's already organizing a Diaper Collection, another group suggested that I start an online baby registry so that those who want to buy and donate baby items can do so, as well as a few friends giving me ideas to put together for an auction to help with funding. Not only that, but there are a few who've suggested small jobs on the side of my real job to help offset some of the costs. There's no denying that I hated putting myself out there. We just don't do that. For fourteen years, we've been trying to do things on our own. It's nice to know that we have the support of our family and friends. I'm just hoping that with everything else going on in our lives, we can get this accomplished by the end of the year.

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