Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cranky Much?

My husband is a friggin clean freak. It kind of balances me out because even though I won't let the house get nasty and disgusting, I really don't mind a mess. And since we've been married, we had an agreement that as long as I'm home, the house will be decently clean (meaning more to his standards and one or two days to mine). So, since I've been working, I must admit that my husband has taken over most of my kitchen duties. He's pretty good at cooking, cleaning and keeping everything organized. The thing that bugs me is that he doesn't do it without complaint. It kind of makes me mad that he refers to it as being my "job". As a matter of fact, everything around this house is referred to as my "job". Like, seriously? Is this the 50's? Better yet, is this slavery? And then he gets really mad when I do my Slave/Master routine. That's probably one thing that I know pisses of my husband more than anything in the world. And I'll admit, that's why I do it. I only do it when I'm mad in order to get him mad..... Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. It's unhealthy for my marriage to antagonize my husband. Whatever! But I have to give him credit. Even though he complains and his complaints grate on my nerves like nothing else I'd ever known, he's picking up the slack around here. I really appreciate that. It's always really sexy when I come home and my man is in the kitchen making dinner and joking around with me. But those days that I'm overwhelmed from working, errands, and other things and he tells me that I haven't done my job.... Well, sometimes I want to knuckle punch him in the nuts! Don't get me wrong. I really, really love my husband, but those moments where a clean house matters more than my health and sanity drives me crazy. And soon I'm going to be having surgery (hopefully), going back to school which is going to add to my stress, and we're going to be moving, and hopefully we're going to be starting the adoption process. Life is getting busier than ever and while I love that we're closer to getting to our end goal (starting a family, his retirement from the military, and my new career), it's hard to make him understand that my whole life doesn't revolve around cleaning the damn house! Have you ever had one of these overwhelming days?

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