Saturday, November 10, 2012

It Hurts Like Hell!!

I had a tooth pulled on Wednesday and it hurts like hell. I swear, next time I need an extraction, I'm going to one of those dentists that knock you out first! This lady didn't numb me enough before she started drilling and tugging. Then, she couldn't get it out so she kept pausing to take x-rays. It was so frustrating. Then she finally numbed me too much and my whole face was swollen, not to mention the intense headache I got on my right side from being filled with too much liquid. My ear is still draining and three days later it still hurts like hell! On a better note: The Marine's been taking care of me. He finds it weird that he'll walk into a room and find me in different positions and sometimes laid out on the floor in nothing but underwear and a heating pad on my face. Still, he'll set out dinner, open my pain meds, and make sure I'm not dead before returning to his corner of the house. It's all very sweet and I love him for it.

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